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Torque Measurement

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Kistler Staiger Mohilo
Rotating Torque Sensors with Strain Gage Technology

for Motion Control Applications

We offer a complete range of torque transducers for incorporation into torque testing or monitoring assemblies; as well as complete measurement systems using state of the art mechanical and electronic technology. 

Our Torque Sensors offer high-precision measurement of torque and speed or rotation angle on rotating or stationary drive elements. Integral digital transmission techniques with normalized signal outputs allow optimal signal conditioning. Piezoelectric reaction torque sensors are suitable for measuring minute fluctuations in torque with a high degree of overload resistance

Quick Reference Guide:
Type Capacity
Range (Nm)
Accuracy Mechanical
Torque Signal
at Rated Capacity
Max. Sensor Speed Speed/Angle
Output Signal/rev
Design PDF
6 - 1,000 0.2% square hexagon shaft 2 mV/V slipring 3,000/5,000 RPM 2 x 360
pulses / rev.
  Rotating Torque Sensor 4501A
0.5 - 1,000 0.2% square hexagon shaft 5 VDC non-contact 12,000 2 x 360
pulses / rev.
  Mini-Smart Torque Sensor 4502A
0.2 - 5,000 0.1%/0.05% shaft 5 VDC digital
60 pulses / rev.
optional 2x360
pulses / rev.
dual range
Dual-Range Sensor with Brushless Transmission 4503A
50 - 5,000 0.1%/0.05% flange w/o
10/60/100 kHz
15,000 60 pulses / rev.
optional 2x360
pulses / rev.
  Torque Measuring Flange 4504B
100 - 20,000 0.1%/0.2% hub/flange w/o bearings 5 VDC digital
12,000 60 / 120
pulses / rev.
dual range
10 - 10,000 0.2% flange 1 mV/V direct Reaction
Torque Sensor
non   4507A
0.5 - 100 0.2% shaft 1 mV/V direct Reaction
Torque Sensor
non   4509A
Note: all sensors measure in both directions and in any position; can be used for static and dynamic measurement
Accessories for Complete Measurement Systems
Type 4700AP100
ControlMonitor CoMo Torque, 230 VAC, without analog BNC-output

The supply and evaluation instrument Type 4700A... is ideal for industrial use and for research and development applications. Torque sensors with strain gage technology and standardized voltage output or frequency output can be connected directly.

Control Monitor for Torque Sensors
Type 4706A SensorTool, PC software for setup and evaluation of torque sensor technology
Parameterization of instrument settings; Numerical and graphic display of parameters; Evaluation of measurement values and measurement value graphs; Reading and display of sensor and instrument data; Definition of the speed output pulses (magnetoresistive system in the Type 4504A instrument.) Torque Monitor Software
Type 4701A Measuring amplifier for strain gage sensors and resistive travel sensors
Industrial measuring amplifier with rugged metal case. Gain and zero adjustment set with fixed resistors and potentiometers.
Strain Gauge Amplifier
Type 5073A ICAM Industrial Charge Amplifier, 1 Channel, BNC Industrial charge amplifier with rugged metal case; very wide, variable measuring range; two independent externally switchable measuring ranges per channel; integral peak value memory for each channel; connection to PLC possible. Unit control via digital inputs and a serial interface. Industrial Charge Amplifier

Slipring Torque Sensor

Slipring Torque Sensor Slipring rotating torque sensors Type 4501A... supply an analog output signal in mV/V. The sensors are particularly suitable for screw driving assembly operations.
  • Rated torque: 0 ... 2 Nm up to 0 ... 1 000 Nm
  • Universal applications
  • Strain gage full bridge system
  • Robust and reliable design
  • Small and handy
  • Optional rotational angle measurement

Mini-Smart Torque Sensor

Mini Smart Torque Sensor Mini-Smart torque sensors Type 4502A... supply an analog output signal of 0 ... 5 VDC which is contactless transferred. Available also with integrated rotational angle-/speed measurement.
  • Rated torque: 0,5 ... 1 000 N∙m
  • Integral measuring electronics
  • Highly fail safe
  • Maintenance-free
  • Extremely compact

Basic Line Torque Sensor

Basic Torque Sensor Type 4520A budget value torque sensor with contactless signal transmission, with cylindrical shaft ends, robust design.

The Type 4520A is suitable for static and dynamic measurement of torques in assembly and for quality control in production and the laboratory.
  • Rated torque: 0 ... 1 Nm up to 0 ... 1 000 Nm
  • Accuracy class 0.5
  • Operate on the strain gage principle 
  • Digital non-contact signal transmission

Dual-Range Sensor with Brushless Transmission

Dual Range Sensor These Dual-range torque sensors 4503A...  with built-in speed sensor transmit the signals without contact.

An integral, digital measurement conditioning system produces analog or digital output signals. The sensors are suitable for use in development laboratories, production processes using bolting and assembly techniques and quality assurance.
  • Rated torque: 0.2 ... 5 000 Nm
  • Ratio for second range: 1:10 or 1:5 of rated torque
  • Speed ranges up to 50 000 1/min
  • Integral speed sensor
  • Serial data output RS-232C for torque signals

Torque Measuring Flange

Torque Measuring Flange Torque measuring flanges Type 4504B...  with integral, digital measurement preconditioning system produce analog or digital output signals, which are transmitted without contact. The rotor runs in the stator ring without mechanical bearings and is therefore free from wear. The extremely narrow profile of the torque measuring flanges make them very suitable for test rig applications.
  • Rated torque: 50 ... 5 000 N∙m
  • Accuracy class 0.1 for frequency and voltage output
  • Standard magnetic speed and angle pick-up included
  • Active digital temperature compensation for excellent temperature stability of the signal
  • Digital non-contact signal transmission
  • Maintenance-free, bearingless

Torque Measuring Flange with Integrated Shaft-hub Connection by Clamping Set

Torque Measuring Flange
0 ... 100 Nm up to 0 ... 20 000 Nm

Torque measuring flanges Type 4510B... measure torque by strain gages. The digital measuring values are transmitted contactless from rotor to stator. There are analog and digital output signals available for evaluation.

Compact and Ready for Installation Reaction Torque Sensor

Reaction Torque Sensor

0 ... 0,1 Nm up to 0 ... 1 000 Nm

These piezoelectric reaction torque sensors Types 9329A... to 9389A... have two calibrated measuring ranges. They are very compact and have a flexible adaption.


2-Component Sensor

piezoelectric, installation-friendly 2 component sensor
Fz: 0 ... 1 kN,
Mz: 0 ... 2,5 Nm up to 0 ... 200 Nm

This installation-friendly, piezoelectric 2-component sensor Type 9365B is suitable for measuring push/pull force Fz and a torque Mz acting on the sensor axis. Its high resolution allows measurement of the slightest dynamic changes in large forces and torques at non-rotating shafts.

Torque Dynamometer, Piezoelectric

Torque Dynamometer


0 ... 20 Nm up to 0 ... 200 Nm

Quartz torque dynamometer Type 9275 is suitable measuring a torque acting around the sensor axis. The compact dynamometer possesses high rigidity and therefore a high natural frequency, enabling the smallest dynamic changes to be measured in large basic torques.



Torque Dynamometer

Torque Dynamometer


0 ... 0,5 Nm up to 0 ... 25 Nm

Quartz torque dynamometer Type 9277A... is suitable for measuring a torque acting around the sensor axis. The compact dynamometer possesses an especially high sensitivity. The very lightweight top plate supporting the measuring object guarantees a high natural frequency, enabling torques to be measured on small high-speed motors.




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Self contained electronics and optional
control packages
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High accuracy torque measurements
(linearity and hysteresis within 0.1%)
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Broadest range of torque measurements and types of torque transducers (.001 Nm to 200,000 Nm or 0.009 lb. in. to 147,500 lb.ft.)
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Suitable for high dynamic measurement
blueball.gif (132 bytes) Sturdy, maintenance-free design

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