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Looking for a linear or angular measurement system
or a
measuring device
You are in the right place!  We specialize in precision position measuring
for industrial motion control/ industrial automation, rebuilding/retrofitting industries
plus other industries.


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Since 1977
Highest Precision!

Best Quality

+ Engineering


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Precision Actuation and Instrumentation Systems and Components for Motion Control, Machine Tool, Robotics, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, and Retrofitting/Rebuilding industries.


rack_and_pinion_sys.gif (811 bytes) Linear or Angular Precision Rack and Pinion Shaft Encoder or Resolver Measuring Systems/Feedback Packages for positioning ......................
graduated_rules.gif (542 bytes) Standard & Custom Rulers - Engraved, Graduated, Precision, Metal, Inch or Metric,  Vernier Scales,  Index Rings and Machine  Dials; plus other measuring devices

Schlenker Enterprises adds a New Family of Very Large Industrial Duty, Permanent Magnetic Rotor AC Synchronous Motors for Industrial Power and Marine Propulsion
High Precision  Gears,  Gear Rack,  Gearboxes  for Motion Control
transducers.gif (528 bytes) State of the art Torque Transducers, Transducer Systems,  and Sensors
  Innovative Technology Pressure Transducers, differential Pressure Transducers, Flange Separators, Manometers and Gauges for measurement of pressure  

Our engineering expertise is available to provide technical support for the products we sell; and assist our customers in solving their engineering problems.

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Schlenker Enterprises, Ltd.
P.O. Box 9277
Lombard, IL  60148-9277, USA
708-449-5700 (Phone)      Cust. Svc.: 708-329-4273
708-449-5703 (Fax)


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