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Since 1860!

Highest Precision!

Best Quality

with full

servicing customers on worldwide basis!

Our engineering expertise is available
to provide
technical support
for the products
we sell; and assist
our customers
in solving
their engineering


Whittam was
founded in 1860 and over the years have established and maintained an exceptional
reputation for
providing high
quality precision
products to the
whole spectrum

of industry all over the United States, Canada and Mexico as well as in Europe and Australia.

Our Whittam
precision scales
(rules), verniers and dials have various uses and are in demand by machine tool and instrument makers, scientific, meteorological and medical
establishments, graphic art and
companies as well as the printing,
engraving and automotive industries. They are known to be called machinist's or engineer's rules(rulers). In fact, they can be used by anyone who wants to do a good job accurately.











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Precision Rules (Rulers),
Vernier Scales
and Machine Dials

Improve salability of your products by adding Whittam high quality, high precision, engraved, metal, metric or inch Rules (Rulers), Vernier Scales (Verniers), Index Rings, Shrink Rules, Straight Edges, Circular Divided Scales, and Machine Dials, etc... Upon request, our  rules (rulers),  can be issued a Certificate of Calibration  to   British Bureau of Standards which correlates with US Bureau of Standards.   Such ceritificates may be required for companies qualifying for ISO 9000.

Click here to go to
RFQ--Request for Quotation Page
on our Whittam Scales, Verniers & Dials

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click picture
to see full size

blueball.gif (132 bytes) Made to any scale length or dial diameter!
blueball.gif (132 bytes) Ruler/Vernier Graduations - Inch or metric (or both)!
blueball.gif (132 bytes) No minimum quantity required!
blueball.gif (132 bytes) Quick delivery--standard 6-8 weeks
blueball.gif (132 bytes)

High quality--made with microscopic attention to detail
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High accuracy in any length or radius--Whittam rules (rulers/precision scales) are being manufactured with ever increased accuracy since 1860. Graduated rules can be supplied with accuracies of 1/100 mm (0.0004") over 61 cm (24"). Whittam is capable of manufacturing up to 132" long scale sections which can be joined together to any length. The high accuracy is maintained over longer distances by joining the ends ground for butting within .025 mm (.001"). Our Whittam dials or circular scales are accurate to within 18 arc seconds or .00045" on a 10" diameter. We offer circular divided scales and index rings of up to 137 cm (4’6") in diameter.
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Your choice of material, finish and color--the
materials used are generally Hardened and
Tempered Steel, Bright Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass or Aluminum. We offer matt or polished finishes and a hard chrome plating or electrolyses nickel plating. Graduations can be left open or filled with one of the basic colors of your choice (black being the standard).

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Guaranteed greater durability in hostile
--the engraving (etching) process used by Whittam (versus photoetching) ensures greater durability of the markings in a hostile environment and the unmistakable look of quality.

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Low prices--up to hundreds less than our
competition! Specializing in custom designed
measurement components gives Whittam a
price advantage over the standard ruler and dial manufacturers who are not set up to handle "made to measure" orders and may charge you premiums in setup costs, etc... Our prices can be up to hundreds of dollars less than our competition--give us a try, call us with your specifications today!

blueball.gif (132 bytes)

Made to your exact specification--all Whittam
products--horizontal and vertical rules, circular divided scales, straight and circular vernier scales, straight edges, machine dials and index rings are made strictly to customer’s specifications with microscopic attention to detail.
To learn how a vernier works-- click here >>>

Request a Quotation >>>

Schlenker Enterprises, Ltd.
P.O. Box 9277
Lombard, IL  60148-9277, USA
708-449-5700 (Phone)
708-449-5703 (Fax)

E-Mail: sales@schlenkent.com


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